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About Us

The UMM Biology Club is interested in promoting the biological sciences and helping students succeed in our biology program. Through speakers, volunteer activities, peer tutoring, field trips, and many other activities, we bring students together and give them the opportunity for new experiences. Everyone is encouraged to participate and we welcome any ideas for improving the UMM Biology Club.

The UMM Biology Club also offers access to a biology lounge, located in Science Room 1040, complete with a refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, couches, tables for studying, a computer, and white boards. These qualities make it a wonderful place to study. We invite everyone to check out the biology lounge!



Please email our officers with any questions.

Co Presidents: Maddy Gerber (gerb0124)

Alexandra Pagel (pagel040)

Secretary: Debbie Schneiderman (schne643)

Web Tech: Brandon Thompson (thom3281)

Treasurer: Katelyn Cowley

Publicity: Jennifer Schmidt

and Alicia Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator: Nichole Olson

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