November 5th Meeting

Planned Items:
-The Biology Meet and Greet will be November 18 @7:00 in the La Fave House. If anyone does not know where the La Fave House is, we will be meeting in the BioClub room slightly before 7:00 to walk over together.

-Game Night will be on November 20th in the BioClub room, and possibly 1020 if there are videogames or guitar hero.  There will be pizza, it will be ordered instead of made.

Possible Events:

Alex asked if there was interest to go to body world on Sat the 5th of December. We would need 15 people to get a discount $22 per tickets, about 5 people were interested if the tickets were $20. We would probably carpool and split gas.  Debbie will talk to Chem Club and see if anyone else would like to go.

There might also possibly be a Ski trip to Alexandria, early next semester. Alex is in the process of applying for funding, hopefully  it would be cheap or free, about 8 people were interested if it would cost $15.

Another possible event is a skating or sledding party. We would need to find sleds, there are possibly sleds on the healthy life styles floor… if we were to go skating at the rink we would preferably go during a night that was not open skate. Open skate=chaos.

Other Items:

Volunteer opportunities
Proof reading Science Fair projects? Unsure of the date
Relay for life? Some time spring semester.

Chem club is planning an end of the semester Book Swap for science and math classes, there will be a cute stocking  for each class in the Chem. Room.


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