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Math Club? What is that all about?

Math Club. What exactly do we do? Basically, we meet occasionally to do stuff: play games, watch movies, have potlucks, problem-solving nights—and oh yeah—occasionally do math-related stuff. However, our year's plans are mostly up in the air, so if you have something you want to do, make sure to let us know.

On a different note, there's the theory that Math Club looks good on a resume. So there's that too. It certainly can't hurt to demonstrate to potential employers that you are involved in, and show a passion for, math.

If you have any suggestions on what we should do for our future meeting, want to be put on the mailing list, or have other comments, let us know at ummmathc@morris.umn.edu.

Also if you see any problems with the website, or have any suggestions on what to add or put on please feel free to let me know at sima0047@morris.umn.edu


Toby Simacek

Last updated: September 30 2009.
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